Tell It To The Hand

Sometimes people don’t like you.  There’s not a whole lot that can be done to change that if you are living an aware authentic life.  You may do something that rubs them the wrong way or you may be outspoken in a way that they don’t like.  So long as your ideas and opinions aren’t clearly objectionable by a civilized society’s measures then I can’t advocate for change. 

We have to be who we are and many times that doesn’t resonate with a large section of the human population.  It doesn’t make us bad.  As long as we are looking through a lens of dialogue, differences can be wonderful and can elevate us and our conversations. What we don’t have to do is antagonize a point, make it so that we pick at a festering wound.  It does nobody any good.  If we know that we are polar opposite to someone else we don’t have to rub it in their face or rally the troops to take up arms to defend our beliefs or thoughts.  And unfortunately, this seems to be the way of it these days. Dialogue had digressed to dissention.  I don’t watch any news channels or daytime topic talk shows.  I can’t stand the shrilling masquerading as dialogue.  All their conversations boil down to is screaming into the wind and then, next. 

Which brings me to the ones that hate us and we don’t even know why.  It happens a lot in suburbia and among the hen pecked order of suburbanite women.  It’s a sad thing and one I haven’t been able to grasp.  At least the shrilling online and on news shows have some motive, albeit confrontational.  This sort of judge and hate and spew without any basis is confusing.  Is it insecurity, jealousy, a deep seeded hate, dormant racism?  I don’t know but I’ve had it directed at me and I’ve seen it directed at others and it’s always bizarre and puzzling and more than a little telling.

The best that can be done with these sort of people is to ignore them and that’s hard, really hard, especially if this is your social plateau.  No one wants to be an outcast in their daily lives.  Still, stooping to the level to answer this sort of unfounded opinion will only bring you down.  It won’t elevate the other party.  I’ve found in these instances the advice must be soldier on.  I live a busy, aspirational life filled with work, family, writing, physical and artistic activities, and other things.  I don’t have time to form opinions of people I’ve never met or only met once and don’t know a thing about.  I am a benevolent narcissistic. I care. I’m empathetic but I’m not going to send energy your way that has no basis. My energy is finite and I save it for things that elevate me.

Why would I waste my time on that?  And why would you?  Don’t – because as the saying goes the best revenge is living well. 

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