Auld Lang Syne

Up next things that happened to me over the past decade.  First, let me channel my mother and say I can’t believe another decade has gone by.  My child was sitting next to me when I said something to the effect that I hadn’t thought about something in decades.  That child responded with ‘I guess someday I’ll have been around long enough to say that’.  It equally horrified and touched me since they are on their first decade in this world and I hope they have at least 9-15 more. 

Here goes:

  • I grew my old business to a size of three workers.  Not a lot but it was in the service industry where I had no formal training.  It was also an industry where most start ups fail in the first year.
  • I closed my old business in order to help start up a consulting firm with my SO. That was sad.  It made nowhere near the money I used to make in my corporate life or as I do in IT but I liked the creativity of that business.  It was the first time I had ever let myself try something creative and not practical.  It helped shape how I parent.  I’ve always supported their interests but more than ever I can see that there are many paths of success in any given industry. It’s as successful to be a producer instead of an actor, an art curator instead of the artist, an editor instead of a novelist, or other like ideas.
  • My kids came out of traditional school for awhile.  It wasn’t working especially for the youngest.  We had some growing pains and it took commitment, but it was worth all the blood sweat and tears.  I wasn’t that woman who had to have kids or even thought I wanted kids but once I did I realized they were the best things I had ever or will ever do.  They were worth at least as much effort as I would put into a career.  They’re amazing and I predict great things.
  • I grew up.  This was a long time coming to me and I didn’t arrive there easily.  For me growing up meant building boundaries.  Basically not taking crap anymore and taking responsibility for my part in relationships that had soured.  It meant most people wouldn’t like me and I had to be ok with that.  It meant silencing or at least marginalizing people who sought to control me through my own personality weaknesses.  It meant being even more lonely than I already was sometimes.  But on the other side of that it meant realizing who the good people were and embracing them, even if it was only in passing as a way of encouraging them to keep spreading their light.  It meant understanding how even the nastiest of us are at that place for a reason.  It also meant I didn’t have to embrace those kinds and let them drag me down with them.  I could stand from afar and pursue things that elevated me.  I struggle with this ‘adulting’ and I guess I will until I die.  It’s part of the evolving process and if I’m fully evolved there’s nothing left for me to do here on this earth.

There’s more but that’s not for social media.  Where have you been over the last decade, and where are you going?

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2 thoughts on “Auld Lang Syne

  1. Hi, Mia!
    I admire you for learning all that what you said about relationships. I have a deep need for people to like me and I find it hard to have my own back when someone is being disrespectful. When you’ve been raised to be polite at every circumstance, you don’t know what to do when others don’t follow the protocol.
    I’m quite young so in the last decade I’ve grown up a whole lot. 2010 I was only 13 and now I’m 22. I hope my mental/inner growth doesn’t slow down but nothing as drastic probably won’t happen again as turning into an adult.
    Much luck with the new decade. Like Michelangelo said, aged 87, “I’m still learning.”


    1. It won’t. Time brings a lot of understanding and perspective. If you’re not still learning, you’re dead! And maybe it’s embracing the grumpy but you’ll get there regarding personal strength. It’s not easy and always a daily struggle to be true to yourself.


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