Thank You, Next

I saw a post on Twitter talking about the end of the decade and things that had happened to the poster.  I thought that was a great idea.  I’m going to hijack that idea but do it but in reverse.  One of my first mentors when I was living in the Big Apple playing at being a Boss Girl said write your goals down, short and long term.  She said you’ll be surprised at how many of them come true and also how many don’t come true.  And of the ones that don’t materialized you’ll be surprised how you’re ok with that and that they probably weren’t very good goals to begin with. 

She’s been right over the years.  I’ve had goals hang on for a few cycles before I realized I wasn’t achieving them because I didn’t care that much about them.  I’ve had goals I’ve hit on target or ahead of target because they were a priority.  The exercise has made me better at recognizing what is worth my time in pursuing. 

So here are some of my future goals, short and long term:

              Short Term

  • Finished this WIP
  • Start something outside of the Romance genre
  • Open a Whattpad account and throw some ideas around.

Long Term (10 years)

  • Get published
  • Or get some traction at self publication
  • Finish at least 3-5 novels, at least 2 not in the romance genre, maybe one another short story compilation
  • Travel to at least 3 countries I haven’t been to

There’s more but you have to keep the list concise.  That’s the other advice.  If you make it so long and untenable you don’t take it seriously.  Coming next the things that have happened to me over the last decade.  Tune in tomorrow. 

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