It’s Christmas Eve, whew.  I’m always ready for the hoopla to be over by now.  Christmas Eve is actually my very favorite day of the year.  Not much can be done and for me if it hasn’t been done by now I’m going to issue an apology and a promise to rectify things the day after Christmas.  So it becomes a sleep in, hang out in pjs doing dinner prep or wrapping for the next day, figuring out mass schedules.  I might have daytime TV on or Christmas music.   T

We’ll all go out to dinner later and it will be my last official dress up day of the season.  We’re casual for Christmas Day.  We used to have a holiday get together on Christmas Eve but we don’t do that anymore. It’s too much work and it’s nice to be served especially when we’ll have a full house the next day.  At dinner my SIL and I will have our yearly champagne cocktail.  The kids will be dressed up and looking older and cute which will make us all nostalgic for how quickly things are flying by. 

After, I get to watch it’s a Wonderful Like with the very best of the gentleman brand, the incomparable Jimmy Stewart.  A glass of long aged whiskey will be involved.  Even though my kids are past the age of believing they still have to act like they do for me so I have to stay up long enough for them to pretend they are asleep because at some point this year my eldest started staying up later than me.  Then its me in my nightcap to bed and another Christmas will be in the books in a matter of hours and I’ll feel a little blue and overwhelmed by the momentum of life. 

Until then a bottle of Champagne is on ice waiting for my glass to be poured.  Happy holidays however you do or do not spend them.

Note: As this is a new blog, my first official rule is that there will not be a submission on Christmas Day, ever. See you on the 26th.

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