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I’ve waited long enough to address this issue but it needs addressing, Star Wars.  It’s coming, soon.  Thank the lord above because if I have to hear one more researched theory or movie review or obscure plotline correction from a child who has spent way more time on this than they ever have on Algebra I’m going to scream.  Make it stop!

This child from day one, long before we allowed them to watch the movies loved Star Wars.  We were the only Darth Maul in the Kindergarten Book-O-Ween parade.  Don’t I look like a great mom?  How to explain to the judging Gnats that my child latched onto this from seconds of seeing it on the screen as someone else watched the movies and a Learn to Read book with an image of Maul. 

On a side note, I will say he was one of the most disappointing characters.  Maul was by far the sexiest character to come from these tales and they relegated him to a few escalating scenes that ultimately left us all wanting more but knowing there never would be.

I won’t get into my opinion on other characters. I’ve seen what Twitter will do to those that voice objectionable if rightful opinions. That said Jar Jar Binks wasn’t soo terrible. He was better than Anaken. Can I kick any more hornets nests before I leave?

We’ve seen every movie more times than I ever imagined I would.  As a child of the Star Wars era that saw the originals in the theaters, I like them.  I don’t like them like my child.  Nor do I like them like the frenzied fandom that seems to have grown up around them.  It’s baffling. 

We have tickets for the movie.  It’s one of their gifts that will be under the tree at Christmas.  I’m looking forward to the popcorn and cherry coke.  When are they going to make a cherry coke icee already?  I’m also looking forward to seeing how excited this child will be.  Their sibling isn’t as interested in this series.  But my oldest will be over the moon and seeing a surly teenager shed that persona for some of the wide smile happiness they used to have in youth is going to be everything Christmas should be for a mom.

However the movie is, I know this much, it won’t likely change my opinion of the ‘best’ Star Wars movie.  I’ll give you a hint – the title ends with one.  Try and guess.  What’s your favorite? 

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