I Feel Pretty

I had my hair done yesterday.  Going to my lady who has done various beauty treatments on me for over a decade is like going to therapy.  It’s one of the few times I let myself chill out for a few hours because yes I get color.  I know I know Keanu Reeves’ elegant and hip girlfriend, color might eventually kill me.  I’m ok with that because I’m wildly vain. 

Because I’m self employed and work in a very casual industry, I don’t do a whole lot of dressing up anymore.  My high powered suit days are long gone, thankfully.  During the holidays that all changes for a few weeks.  I find myself having to dress up a lot and it’s the hardest kind of dress up, sparkly dress up.  As much as I like dressing up, it gets tiring going through the routine especially since it’s not part of my usual day the rest of the year.  My face starts to break out from wearing party makeup up so often and I get a general sense of exhaustion from it all.  A lot of this malaise probably stems from my natural introversion.  

Pretty has always been a lucrative industry but I know that in the age of Instagram its financial reach is probably staggering.  I haven’t run the numbers but I feel confident saying this especially since Kylie Jenner is a billionaire.  She seems a hard-working boss babe but I’ve tried her makeup and it’s terrible.  Sorry.  I can’t say one good thing about it. 

I do like how we’re moving past the disturbing beauty trends that initially fed the pop culture vernacular when Instagram came out, though there are still plenty of them.  Since I color my hair I really can’t sit in judgment of what others do for beauty and even if I didn’t color my hair I wouldn’t sit in judgment.  I only hope the drastic beauty procedures are self-motivated, but something tells me that’s a wavy line.  I color my hair for me but I also color my hair for society’s image of me.  I’m not so benevolent or self-actualized that I don’t act on social pressures.  Hopefully I’m getting there but it may take another lifetime or two. 

I’ve written a few characters that don’t fit the supermodel brand of beauty.  Sometimes I think I missed the mark on getting my message across.  I was trying to portray their beautiful as normal, downplaying what wasn’t glossy magazine level beauty standards. I was trying to say most people aren’t into that kind of calculated beauty and so my girls are simply normal, normally beautiful and it wasn’t worth overly remarking on what might be perceived as a beauty flaw.  I read some romance novels and these flaws are kind of doted on, usually it’s regarding weight.  Maybe I need to change the way I describe my non conventionally beautiful women.  I don’t know.  Truth is I think my women are conventionally beautiful and it’s the industry that’s non-conventional.  But just my opinion on my blog. 

I’ve hit that stage of the season where I’ve had enough of dressing up even though I still have a few more events before I can stop.  It will be fun to finish strong.  Let me get my makeup on.

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