It’s that time of year when they play all the nostalgic movies.  As a registered sap, I’m down for every single one of them.  Sound of Music was on a few days ago.  I love that movie, so much.  I should qualify there aren’t many musicals that I don’t love, movie, Broadway, off Broadway, community theatre. 

But did you know Christopher Plummer didn’t like the role, actually kind of detested it?  Say it isn’t so Christopher.  I mean for the love of romantic scenes everywhere the gazebo scene, the gazebo scene, dammit.  For a Shakespearean actor like Christopher Plummer I suppose Captain von Trapp was a pretty dull character even though the facts of the real man’s life were heroic and monumental.  Sometimes it’s unfortunate what the acting community are willing to dismiss as trite. Especially because he was at his most handsome in that movie, sigh. Anyways…

This got me to thinking about some of my characters.  I don’t have any that I hate but I do have some reoccurring caricatures.  My goal with my next stories is to temper some of the obvious villainous nature of certain ones of my characters.  It’s too easy when it’s obvious who the reader should hate.  I’m decent at making my lead characters flawed, sometimes unlikable.  That’s a dangerous gamble in the world of romance writing. 

I suppose I’m sending out a warning shot that all my characters are going to start walking the grey line.  It’s never comfortable when we must see the other side of a bad human.  I don’t know if I’m a strong enough writer to do this well.  I’ll probably start with a short story or two to get a feel for it.

How do you evolve your writing when the urge set in to do something new?

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