Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby

I’m a bible thumper, the kind that very much believes in God and works hard to embody the teachings of Christ.  Spirituality is important to me.  But then so is sex.  I write romance more than anything and I’m slowly mastering the balance of the sex scene, the levels that a reader might be comfortable with.  Sometimes I go a little overboard with my YA scenes but that’s only because, unfortunately parents, they’re doing a shit ton more of it than we’d like to think about.  Like the comedian said, teenagers have a lot to learn about sex when they grow up, like there’s not as much of it.   I have a teenager so this is my tableau as well. Oy Vey.

These scenes would seem to sit in direct juxtaposition to my Christianity.  Not that God at any point in the Bible damned the sexual act or the enjoyment of the sexual act but that has become the popular interpretation.  And my guess is most of us raised in any religion have some strong Puritanical training in our past.  It had to have been a means of control for the church and governments which were basically the church until not so long ago.  It controlled behavior but also likely disease that was the equivalent of a death sentence back before modern science.

I respect those who can’t read things that are pretty private moments that happen in a bedroom, or other fun and inventive places.  It’s easy to judge them for being hypocritical because the likelihood is they enjoy a good toss in the sheets as much as anyone.  But they have the right to their public persona, to what makes them comfortable, as do I and others.  It doesn’t make one of us a better Christian or not.

To be sure, this is a topic that will rear its head pretty often on this blog simply because it’s a big part of my writing.  It’s a topic worth exploring because I’m non traditional on many fronts but pretty damn traditional on others.  And often I can’t say why I fall to one side or the other. 

For my writing though, sex is an important part of a relationship and anyone who says otherwise is lying.  Yes you need to be intellectually and socially compatible but that’s likely why you ended up in the relationship to begin with.  Any couple that’s been together happily* for any extended period of time is having sex, often, and with abandonment. 

Whatever else the Bible Thumpers might have you believe. 

*We’ll talk about HEA other times just know I know that ‘happily’ for a new or old couple is always a qualifier.

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