Steady As She Goes

I have a list I’ve started for my blog, ideas that are worth pursuing.  Sometimes current events dictate – hey write about that. Like today is Sandy Hook, and I can’t write about that not today at least.  Other times I’m staring off into space thinking if I wanted to swim in some writer’s block I’d open up my WIP. 

This exercise has been good though, more than a little cathartic and very disciplining.  I’ve already hit a few days where I’ve thought maybe I’ll skip today.  If I ever indulge that wish, it would be a quick and slippery slope to stopping altogether. 

The message today is consistency.  Say something even if it’s not the most profound thing every day and tomorrow something epic will come to make up for the not as amazing attempt today.   Today that’s what I do here and probably in my WIP which I don’t feel like working on.  All I can offer up today is consistency.

Anyway it’s Saturday and maybe the message today is I’m healthy, I’m happier than not, and it’s pizza night. 

Published by miasotowrites

Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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