It’s easy to form a habit and hard to break it.  That’s true, in my opinion, depending on what the habit is.  Friday night martinis, very easy habit to form, very hard to break.  Getting up for bootcamp workout at 5am, very hard habit form, painfully easy to break.  There are statistics that say doing something 30 days will create a habit and make it more likely that you will continue to do this habit. 

Do you want to break a habit (like say smoking)?  Then you should do it while on vacation.  Why? Because habits exists in cycles or the Habit Loop – trigger routine reward.  Trigger: wake up in the morning (even if I don’t want to), routine: get coffee, reward: comforting nirvana.  We perform habits in the same way so long as we’re in the same environment.  (Note: all of this is highly simplified behavioral science editing.)  So much so that we usually put our shoes on in the same foot order, however if we go on vacation, we break the loop and will likely change things like the order in which we put on our shoes and others of our personal habitual realities, like say smoking.

Crazy right?  Which brings me to writing.  I’m trying to write every day.  This blog for one is a wildly ambitious effort that has already almost been derailed more than once and I‘m only a week or so into it.  Jerry Seinfeld has a story where he talks about how to become a comedian.  Most probably know this tale but to sum up get a calendar and put a big red X every day that you write a joke – good or bad.  Make sure you write at least one joke every day, not a bunch of jokes once a week, one joke every day.  At the end of the year you will have a calendar filled with red Xs. 

That’s what I’m shooting for with this blog and my writing.  I’ve almost given up the dream of any sort of commercial success with my writing but I still can’t stop putting pen to paper.  That must mean I’m a writer, yes?  With a calling that cannot be ignored?  I sure hope so.

I guess if I form the habit, that is.

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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