Good Tidings to You

It’s holiday season, for better or worse.  I do love it though it’s wildly stressful – the overeating, the overspending, the too much togetherness.  I’m a natural introvert.  I don’t mind being alone.  After awhile of being at a party or in a crowd I get tired, overwhelmed.  I’m not very good at listening to the tiresome anymore.  When I cared what others thought of me I was a much nicer person, way more likely to indulge the pedantic.  Not that every conversation I have has to be earth shattering deep and spiritually enlightening, hardly.  I love to laugh and stupid humor is my favorite.  Things in my live are serious enough. 

Last night I had my first party of the season and tonight is another.  Between parties and group dinners and family get togethers it’s a long month for someone who’d rather be at home.  It’s only once a year and it does tend to bring out the best in most of us.  It is the season of hygge.  I’m embracing it as I always do even though it sometimes feels like wearing a heavy coat in summer.  My kids are getting older and soon they’ll be out the door.  And I am getting older and I guess I’ll be out a different door (hopefully not soon).  I need to gather up these moments in my arms like a pile of autumn leave and enjoy them while I can.  Things are fleeting.

The advice to live in the moment and embrace the now is never an easy one to follow.  But I’m making 3,000 calorie a glass eggnog tonight and I’m looking forward to drinking it with some longtime friends and laughing about whatever, knowing I’ll be home soon enough.   

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