Crazy Love

I am the patron saint of a-hole rescue pets.  When my beloved Yorkadork died I was heartbroken.  I knew eventually I would get another dog but I didn’t know when.  Six months or so later I was ready.  I missed having a dog and instead of going to a breeder (however reputable) I was going to follow the advice of Bob Barker and adopt.  There really are so many, too many, stories of left behinds animals, the true Velveteen Rabbits, without the happy ending. 

I found one dog first and then their sibling about a week later.  They are the cutest Disney dogs you’ve ever seen and for the first few weeks they were sweet and happy and so overjoyed to be loved again.  Then they got comfortable and they became mean, territorial, psycho dogs.  They’re adorable so children love them.  It’s always a little embarrassing to be walking my brother’s 80lb lab and my dogs and have to warn people away from my little punks.  But be warned, they’ll tear you a new one if they don’t like you or you get to close to me, this is even after expensive dog training.

My horse is no better.  He was (is) a show horse and so when I got him his hardcore competing days were over.  We do a few shows a year and hopefully as kids grow and time is less parsed out I can add to this activity.  Anyhow, since he’s not fulltime showing anymore I said go ahead and put him out in pasture so he can be free during the days.  He only shelters in the barn during the dog days of summer when no living thing should be out and about.  By the end of his first week of freedom he was in time out.  And now he lives there in perpetuity.  And don’t come near me or try to garner my affections because he’s not having any of that.

I don’t know how I ended up with the bad attitude rescue pet posse but despite their bad behavior they know they’re safe with me.  I may threaten it but no matter how big of a-holes they are I’m not ditching them. I guess I do know how I ended up with them.  They love me like Glen Close in ‘Fatal Attraction’ – fully and with a healthy dollop of batshit crazy.  But then that’s how I love. Do not mess with what I love because my crazy Spanish switch is going to flip and nobody wants to see that.  I don’t go at anything half baked, especially love and neither do my jerk pets. I bet if my fish could give attitude they would too.  What I know is that none of my pets could have ended up with anyone else but me and I guarantee if I adopt any other animals those will be equally crazy.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So moral of the story – if you’re planning to get a pet this holiday season. Adopt.

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