Go Live

OQ, IQ, QA. DEV, TEST, PROD.  Go live.  A lot of glory speak for – is it ready?  These are the phases of a tech project.  Do your gathering, develop, document (maybe, kidding, not really), test, release.  In the most simplified description, this is what you do when you make changes to a system or develop an app for release or software or really any IT effort.  If you’re a doctor, the process isn’t much different, same for engineering and really every industry has a similar process.  And as I sat there pondering this – it’s spot on for writing as well.

You gather – notes, ideas, research, you develop – writing stage, you test – the dreaded edit, you release.  For some the release is the query/pitch for others in our modern world it’s the “F’ it Going Rogue” indie route.  I’ve become the latter and there are reasons why but that’s for another post.  But this is the writing process.

For my current WIP I’m in the dreaded documentation/testing phase.  I just finished my 3rd pass.  The first 1.5 revisions were really proofreading.  I should have waited because I was tired of it.  It wasn’t until halfway through the 2nd pass that the creativity turned back on and I realize ‘whoa there’ this needs a lot of work.  Suddenly the client (my WIP) thinks everything is in scope and the consultant (me) is like hey there this is change order territory. 

I want it to be good.  Sometimes I read my old things and think I need to fix this.  I’m pretty proud that I like most of my story ideas and their development.  But there are always things that could and should be better.  With any project at some point it’s like enough of this, we’re doing it.  Bunker down, cancel weekend plans because we’re going live. 

Same with life. You can prepare and prepare but at some point you have to do it.  Go for the dream of being a writer, schedule that adult acting class that you always wanted to take, sign up for the career changing class.  Prepare, research, plan and then just do that shit. 

On that note, I should stop procrastinating and open up that WIP for a 4th pass.  Time’s ticking.

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