In Defense of Social Media

Someone who followed me on another social media platform had a terrible thing happen.  I don’t use any of my social media (sm) platforms for personal use outside of business.  Occasionally, a not so humble brag might go up from a proud mom or sad mom because we’ve hit a milestone.  But there are no sweeping declarations of love, not that I mind those, or howlings into the fruitless political winds. 

But I’ve watched this story unfold silently and with increasing horror.  Yesterday it came to a culmination.  And I am wrecked for them.  And I am not the only one.   I don’t comment much at all on any other sm account, mainly retweet or post.  This one (my writer’s account) by far gets the most active efforts from me.  But I commented on this because I’m not sure how they are going to move through a normal day today.  So many others who have also watched silently began commenting with their heartfelt tears and anguish. 

The world is not always a good place and if you look at the news or any sm platform it’s easy to think it’s the worst place ever.  But all of my sm accounts are filled with kind people who really are trying to be the best person they can.  Sometimes they get caught up in the minutia but it’s never evil.  When people I follow aren’t like this I drop them, but I haven’t run into many like that.  Maybe I’m lucky.  Honestly some of the worst people I follow are the famous so reckless in their certitude and superiority they can’t possibly see what a hornet’s nest they are kicking alive. 

I guess I’m sad for someone I don’t know but who I grieve for.  Terrible as it is I feel hope, as I see so many voicing their support and love and tears for a total stranger, that the one sided rage that is associated with sm is maybe a little unfair.  We all meet jerks in life and we all meet that person at the grocery who always has a smile as they check us out.  It’s up to us who we engage.

Familiar acts are beautiful through love – Shelly  

Hasta Entonces Pequeño

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