Step 1

There’s a process for everything in IT.  Everything.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  There’s a sureness in this, a knowing that in the morning things will be as they should be, no surprises.  Surprises are bad in IT, real bad.  Sometimes this bland reality speaks to my productivity with its one foot in front of the other logic.  It feeds my wishful AA personality.  Other times it is the bird in my plane engine because at the heart of me is a disorganized creative. 

Its Sunday morning and I’m awake.  I don’t know why.  It’s my sleep-in day because usually we hit Saturday night church.  Unless there are extra curricular or such I’m in bed on a Sunday morning.  I guess I have a lot to do and I’ve been procrastinating real life due to my renewed writing effort.  The writing process has overtaken me.  As I try to finish this book and a few other pieces for entry into contests I’m overwhelmed by the process.  First the drunken rage binging of the creative explosion that is the first pass, the take no prisoners forget time and space reality of getting those ideas on paper.  Then the editing, the endless sometimes mindless editing.  My editing started out as proofreading but it’s shifting right now and giving me cold sweats because suddenly my draft isn’t as close to finished as I had imagined.  Time is ticking.

Still when you have kids and a family and run a business one cannot procrastinate real life forever.  If one does, real life turning into a dystopian wasteland is a (not so) far-fetched possibility.  So today I balance my processes. To those of you doing the same, balancing on a unicycle for that moment of creative release in your writing, cheers (imagine a coffee cup raising).  I’ll see you on the other side.

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