That’s the title of my new WIP. I play piano and at one time I was pretty good. I didn’t pursue it unfortunately. I always enjoyed playing Chopin’s Impromptus. They were fun, sometimes offhand pieces, that came together in an unexpected way. That was what I was shooting for with my WIP and I mayContinue reading “Impromptu”

Tell It To The Hand

Sometimes people don’t like you.  There’s not a whole lot that can be done to change that if you are living an aware authentic life.  You may do something that rubs them the wrong way or you may be outspoken in a way that they don’t like.  So long as your ideas and opinions aren’tContinue reading “Tell It To The Hand”

No Kids Allowed

I saw recently an exchange between tweeters about not wanting kids and being tired of being shamed for it or worse having to suffer being convinced how wonderful it is.  As someone who wasn’t sure if she wanted kids or not, I get it.  It’s not for everyone. Having kids is a huge time, money,Continue reading “No Kids Allowed”

Start A New Game?

If you think you’re not smart enough to play words with friends you’re wrong.  You’re too smart.  I read that somewhere right after I started playing WWF.  I was a scrabble player and so I went into WWF with that style of thinking.  But WWF was some underworld thug style word game.  WTH were halfContinue reading “Start A New Game?”

Auld Lang Syne

Up next things that happened to me over the past decade.  First, let me channel my mother and say I can’t believe another decade has gone by.  My child was sitting next to me when I said something to the effect that I hadn’t thought about something in decades.  That child responded with ‘I guessContinue reading “Auld Lang Syne”

Thank You, Next

I saw a post on Twitter talking about the end of the decade and things that had happened to the poster.  I thought that was a great idea.  I’m going to hijack that idea but do it but in reverse.  One of my first mentors when I was living in the Big Apple playing atContinue reading “Thank You, Next”


It’s Christmas Eve, whew.  I’m always ready for the hoopla to be over by now.  Christmas Eve is actually my very favorite day of the year.  Not much can be done and for me if it hasn’t been done by now I’m going to issue an apology and a promise to rectify things the dayContinue reading “Nochebuena”

Raising the Standards

My kids took a standardized test they’ve been studying for recently. I debated waiting until we received the scores before writing on this topic. But the results don’t matter. It’s a hot one for me so expect it to rear its three headed ugliness again. In case that last sentence didn’t reveal my feelings towardsContinue reading “Raising the Standards”

Stay On Target

I’ve waited long enough to address this issue but it needs addressing, Star Wars.  It’s coming, soon.  Thank the lord above because if I have to hear one more researched theory or movie review or obscure plotline correction from a child who has spent way more time on this than they ever have on AlgebraContinue reading “Stay On Target”