Mythical Creatures & Heros

There was another terror attack and this time a narwhal tusk saved the day. That and three humans who could have run for cover instead of charging forward.  It is a special person who forgets their human fragility to do such a thing.  Would I, if challenged, rise up equally?  I’d like to think so.  I’m not at all sure if I’m being totally honest. 

The political sides, especially on the ever polarized Twitter, will rise to the call to commandeer the story and lead it in the direction that best suits their narrative.  There will be the ritual digging of up of dirt on these people, particularly if any one of them is daft enough to voice a rational but objectionable opinion.  But in my opinion the story is that three selfless humans decided that day they weren’t going to take any more shit from this asshole and they took matters into their hands.  I’m sure their wives and girlfriends or boyfriends or best friends or mothers hugged them dearly and then chewed them out for their bold and dangerous acts of selflessness.  But I’m sure their families and loved ones will beam with pride knowing this person who could act so quickly and unequivocally in the aide of their fellow humans is their brother or lover or partner or cousin or best friend.

And whatever the reasons for their acting, all the rest of us can do is say thank you we’ll take this gift and pay it forward.  And if we do, maybe we can get to a place where the world is filled with benevolent narwhal warriors and less so with angry idealists. 

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